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Theta Tau conducts recruitment at the beginning of each semester. Our recruitment process consists of events that allow our chapter to evaluate candidates on their values, credentials, and overall fit in our brotherhood. These events include Information Sessions, Informal Nights, and Formal Interviews.

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The Recruitment Process

Information Sessions

Information nights allow interested students an opportunity to learn more about our chapter of Theta Tau and the recruitment process, ask questions, formally sign up for recruitment, and meet our brothers. Each semester we offer two information nights, but attendance is only expected and required at one of these. These sessions should last approximately 1 hour and are casual dress.

Session 1: 9/19/17 @ 7:30pm BEN 102

Session 2: 9/21/17 @ 7:30pm BEN 102

Informal Nights

The week following information sessions we host 2 “Informal Nights” in which students and brothers are given the opportunity to meet in small groups through “speed dating” sessions. This allows students the opportunity to have personal conversations with active brothers and learn more about what makes our members great. Attendance is strongly recommended at both nights in order to get to know the maximum number of active brothers. These sessions should last two hours and are casual dress.

Informal Night 1: 9/27/17 @ 7:00pm EGB 165 & GAR 156

Informal Night 2: 9/28/17 @ 7:00pm EGB 165 & GAR 156

Formal Interviews

Following informal nights, students that display a good fit for our chapter will be invited to participate in 2 of 3 nights of formal interviews during which they will discuss their professional experiences, achievements, goals, and their values in more depth with active brothers. Students will be asked to bring several copies of their resume and professional dress is strongly recommended for these events.

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